AutismMums_Dads………About Me!

My name is Lauren, I am 26 years old and the Mum of a wonderful 3-year-old boy who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder….I am also the tweeter behind @AutismMums_Dads. I decided to write this blog to give everyone an insight into what is like living with Autism.


3 Responses to "AutismMums_Dads………About Me!"

Hi Lauren, i’ve read ur blog and it’s heartbreaking, not because your little boys has Autism, well that is too, but because of the way you and your family are been treated, firstly by the system and secondly by society, i am really shocked to learn that there are still ignorant people out there when it comes to been able to accept your son for who he is, i really thaught those days were gone. When i was in my teens (i’m not 45yrs) i was one of those people who would stare a your little boy, but jesus haven’t we all been eductated to know what Autism is. You take your boy to the park and let him play on the swings and with the other kids, if their parents choose to leave, that is their loss, your job is to teach your boy how treat people and not to be igornant, right???? I think ye are doing a wonderful job, i can only imagine it’s not easy at times, but i’m pretty sure when his little arms are wrapped around you giving you a cuddle, if only for a minute makes everything so worth while. I’ll will keep reading your blog and checking in on ye. Chin up and remember….GO TO THE PARK WITH YOU HEAD HELD VERY HIGH. XXX 🙂

Hi Lauren.
I First heard about (and Met) you on from where this link came.
Let me introduce myself: My name`s John = on ukdisabilityforum as RedDAG11ON12 – Also as JohnredDAGTHA2011SWDON (plus other sites etc)
Should you wish to check me me, please feel free to do so at anytime.
I`m now, and have for the last four years been, Officialy classed as a Disabled OAP/Silver Surfer, but am very active in the field of issues relating to people living with disabilities (No Matter What they Are).
As with sheila kelly, I also say keep doing what you`re doing with regards your young Son. After all it is only by the actions such as yours, when taking your Son to the park, that we possibly can show people that even though we live with different disabilities it does not mean we are unable to enjoy life, and that the people around us are the ones needing Help (Not Us).
Keep up your “Good Work” , and continue to enjoy the “Ray of SunShine” provided by your “Son”.

Hi again Lauren.
Thought you may want to hear that I`ve an Adult relative living with “Downs Syndrom”, and that I fully understand the relationship to the “Temper Flare-Ups” due in part to what can only be Frustration on the part of my relative when wanting to get their point over, or at times to “Have their Way”.
Your Son`s strength at an early age is no surprise to me, because of seeing such in an adult. On the other hand this same person can, and does, show “Great Love and Compassion” to others.
This relative may to some appear to be “Childish”, but they do not always see the every day actions such as giving “A Hug” or the “Joy” shared by us when going to “The Pub” for a game of pool/darts etc.
Nor do people in general see how this person will have carried out their voluntary work, which in turn means that we are treated to a meal and drinks by someone others only see as acting as “A Child”.
The relative to which I refer will Not let any of us pay for the meal/drinks and will “Insist on paying in Their Turn”, and would have it no other way. In fact: should any of us attempt to pay on these ocassions the result is being asked “Outside” so to speak.
Should you like to see me, and know a little more of the charity and caring work done in the past: Have a look at – Click on story “Time Together”.

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