Another Change For A….

Posted on: March 22, 2012

I was called into A’s nursery today and told the news that his recently appointed 1-1 support has been offered a full-time job so she has taken it and will be leaving.

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement – after the initial worry of whether A would take to her she has been fantastic & A loves her. She has helped to make his days less stressful – when he’s been anxious or distressed she takes him for walks & has developed so many good routines for nappy changing and meal times which had always been an issue at nursery – and all in just 7 weeks.

I understand she must take the full-time hours, she has a young family and her job with A is only 16 hours a week.

I just hope it doesn’t have an adverse affect on his behaviour and nursery routine – as he had really got used to her & was even trying to say her name at times which is a massive achievement for A. She made me feel more confident about A’s future and I was hoping she may of even gone with him into primary school – which if it would’ve been possible – he would’ve had every chance of having a smoother transition into school.

Just when you feel your getting somewhere something pushes you back – its an ongoing battle & its so emotionally draining.

A will be given support now from another of the nurseries SENCOS – as some of you will know the first one didn’t work out – but A is more familiar with the one who will take over the role until he leaves in 4 months time – she cares a lot for A & has always shown a great interest in him.

I hope the saying is true that every cloud has a silver lining.

Please share your experiences of additional support that your ASD children have had/receive below 🙂

L x


6 Responses to "Another Change For A…."

I know exactly how you feel – Sean’s 1:1 left after over a year with him (she didn’t actually leave, she went full time in the other half of the room!!) and it was a very stressful time for me! Luckily Sean adjusted better than I thought (there were issues but they were short-lived)
This is one of my reasons for getting him into an ASD school, there will be a turnover of staff I know, but hopefully less and it’ll be better dealt with!

It’s one of those situations where you don’t know how they will react. I had my son in mainstream school for P.1 and he had 1:1 support with a Classroom Assistant. It wasn’t enough for him mainly due t their ignorance and lack of knowledge/training that they where supposed to have. I digress… Basically I fought and I mean I pulled on my big girl pants and fought for what I felt he needed and got him a placement in an Autism Unit for P.2 – which he started in August.
In the end he lost his school, friends, teacher, CA, his SLT left at the same time his outreach SLT no longer see’s him either, his eucational psychlogist changed too and I was petrified!

They asked me hw long it would take before I would notice a difference. I was convinced I was looking at 6 months minimum of night terrors, fights, tantrums etc while he fought to get used to it.

I had the Autism Unit make me a photo booklet of all the places he would be & the teacher’s. We worked with it all summer only to discver on his first day that his teacher had been replaced with no warning. Even with the added confusion – he’s doing amazing. I am so proud of him. Seriously, I’d say 80% of my fears have been unfounded. That’s not to say we haven’t had bad days or setbacks and it’s not all been roses but considering what could have been…

I hope it works out well for you let us know what happens!

My son was diagnosed just before his 3rd birthday and this June he turns 10. At nursery he was with a 1:1, and she was there throughout his time there. When he was getting ready to go to infant school we started to worry about whether he would cope with the change as it wasn’t just about his 1:1 but also going to a totally differant school. He goes to a special needs school and within the first couple of days he fitted right in. He has now had 5 differant classes since being there and i’ve worried everytime about him adapting, this he does no problem.
Hope all goes well for you and A.

Izzy receives great support from our local Portage service. Debbie is an absolute breath of fresh air as she has put my mind at rest and helps with decisions I need to make by giving information and advice I hadn’t necessarily l own about or thought of.
Our Izzy loves it when Wednesdy morning comes around as she meets and greets her at the door. We only see her an hour a week but she makes such a difference. Debbie is helping us to get Izzy CAN’D/Statemented so she can start early year nursery and follow on in to the Special School. We true nursery x2 and they just didn’t have a clue although they were fully qualified and trained they had not experienced another child similar to Izzy, no disrespect to them.
Always hope for the best and again each day as it comes, we all know any change in routine can be detrimental to anyone especially out beautiful babies, keep us posted and have a fan holiday x

M has had the same LSA, Julie, for 8 years, 3 years ago she had to go into hospital and had 2 months off, school appointed someone else, Sam, for that time, a young 18 year old girl with little SEN experience. We were worried sick, but M surprised us, he coped with it really well, and Sam was great, M just took it in his stride and they had a great time.

So, all that worry was for nothing, they can surprise you when you least expect it, and sometimes a change can be for the better.

Keeping fingers crossed for you, that that is the case.


Sometimes our kids surprise us by adapting well to staffing changes. A lot often depends on the handover between the staff and whether the new person wants to make it work which I would hope they will. Although A was attached to the previous person always put a positive spin and be enthusiastic when talking about the new person. We’re still in touch with my sons first teaching assistant (from 11 years ago!) – his teaching assistants since then have all been VERY different but very good in different ways!

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