No Spoilers

Posted on: March 21, 2012

A new drama series began on Sky 1 last night called Touch – it stars Kiefer Sutherland who plays the single Dad of a mute 11 year old with Autism – I won’t give much away as I know lots haven’t been able to watch it yet.

It really highlighted the difficulty of communication for a person with Autism and I could relate to the desperation of the single Dad to be able to communicate some way with his son.

A is only very young yet but I do crave the moment when he can speak to me and tell me things – even small things like what he’s done that day or what kind of drink he would like without being prompted by choices.
I feel I’m lucky compared to others that A will copy some words, some times he even tells me he loves me – but he’s just copying the words as I say them – so I know that will be a very proud moment when he finally says that to me spontaneously.

Also the young man in the show wouldn’t allow anyone to touch him not even his Dad which again I could relate with.
Some Autistic children are so sensitive to the slightest touch that its been known it can even cause them pain – depending where is it, I can touch A, but definitely not his head & most times I must warn him before hand.
To want to touch your child Is one of the most natural reactions for a parent – to cuddle them when they are upset for comfort – most parents cannot do this – I certainly try to cuddle A but I get pushed away. I sometimes ask for a ‘squeeze’ and he lays his head on my chest for a few seconds with his body as far away as possible.

Touch also includes, dressing and changing which has always been a massive struggle for us with lots of distraction involved to get it done – sometimes I think if we where naturist’s it would make life much easier (only joking)

I really hope this new show can help highlight awareness of Autism and the struggles that we all face on a daily basis – I did think the 1st show was very emotional in parts but I enjoyed it and have high expectations for the follow up episodes.

Please watch it if you get a chance – Tuesdays 9pm Sky1.

As always comments are welcome below.

L x


1 Response to "No Spoilers"

Ive checked, its repeated as follows:
21/03/12 21:00 Sky 1
24/03/12 22:00 Sky 2
27/03/12 20:00 Sky 1

Have set my planner 🙂

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