Guessing game…

Posted on: March 19, 2012

I’m writing this now barely able to keep my eyes open – I was in bed by 9:30pm last night – that is so early for me.

I’ve had a tough few days with A, he wasn’t well & since he’s been a nightmare. He still has a cough & cold & his nose is constantly running. Never seen him as grumpy – can’t even speak to him without a scream or a dis approving grunt or moan.

Its really hard because apart from the cold – which he’s had plenty of before – and much worse – its a mystery as to why he’s so unhappy. Its horrible to see & I just wish I could make things better – I wish he could tell me what’s wrong. He’s been crying a lot also, for no reason. Clearly irritated by the smallest of things & aggressive at times.

I could literally spend the rest of my life guessing what’s wrong, it could be ANYTHING. I just wish I could spend just an hour inside his mind – I’d love to find out how he works, what annoys him, what things he likes, what he doesn’t like. Why he gets upset etc.

Its so mentally & physically draining – you spend all day wondering why they are unhappy and then thinking of what you can do to make things better.

Does anybody else experience this? And what do you do to calm the situation?

L x

***I will be away between the dates of 23rd March – 30th March – so I am looking for guest bloggers, basically if your interested, contact me @ with an Autism related post that I will publish on one of those days & if you have a webpage/twitter/facebook I can include your details. I already have some people interested, and blogs ready, so please contact me ASAP***


5 Responses to "Guessing game…"

Our Izzy is exactly the same at the moment, very run down with cold cough and runny nose and even off her food !
At the moment nothing seems to calm her down, not her favourite toy or Peppa Pig DVDs. She is so clingy too (which I don’t mind) but I just don’t know what to do.
It is very frustrating and you just feel useless, I grab 5 minutes on my own when I can to take deep breaths and take stock but a lot of the time I don’t feel as I’m doing enough!
On the up side Izzy hugged her older sister for the first time yesterday which melted my heart :0)
Have a fantastic holiday, you never know the change of scenery may do the world of good x

Another great post. I will tweet about your need for Autism guest bloggers and link to this page now, hope to see more of the same!

Stepping Out

It’s so much harder when they’re sick, it just seems to compound everything. I have not had a chance to read your whole blog yet, so please forgive me if this question asks something you may have covered in an earlier post, but have you had A evaluated for sensory issues and is A getting OT? So many kids on the spectrum, including mine, have sensory issues and that seems to account for a lot of the more ‘inexplainable’ issues.

About guest posting, I’d love to do a post for you. I am not sure if you read my blog but maybe take a look to see if you would like me to do a post for you. If you are interested you can message me via my blog in the comments.

Take care, big hug!

As I type this Little Bit is screaming inconsolably because the dog walked on her foot. The past week has been full of furious meltdowns, angry outbursts, swearing, throwing things, etc. She has been sick this month with one thing after another. Her school schedule is upset as is her normal day routine. I wish I had the answer for you and for myself. Her outbursts (meltdowns) are currently our main focus. Working with all therapists and counselor on helping her cope with her anger. So far I see no progress. The ONE thing that sometimes helps when she is raging, is an odd or funny comment thrown out there that distracts her. She can be very silly and at times very easy to distract. While I can’t give you much of an answer, I can tell you I feel your pain and you are not alone in this.

Sometimes the problem is they don’t understand whta is wrong with them. My brother says he just feels weird. I know at least my brother can say he feels weird. You can tell because at 20 years old when something has happened that he doesn’t like he curls up into a ball or rocks. It is horrible because nothing anyone says makes him feel better or changes it. Eventually his brain logically brings him out of this feeling. Best thing is to try and remove over stimulating things so their mind can calm down. Again a calming room is invaluable to just let there mind settle. I think autistic children manage to wind themselves up into such a tizzy they think at such a fast pace that their own minds cannot keep up and then the frustration at this comes out. My brother says at these moments he likes to feel SAFE and hugs make him feel safe or enclosed spaces!
Alison x

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