Mothers Day

Posted on: March 18, 2012

I never grew up with a Mum for various reasons since I was 5 years old – so to be a Mum for me was difficult even before A had Autism – its hard work, stressful, fills you with worry & its emotionally & physically draining but in the end its so worthwhile and extremely rewarding.

I am the luckiest Mummy in the world.

And so today, I want to dedicate my blog post to all the Mums – especially those that live with Autism & other disabilities.

Its hard being a Mum – even harder when you have to face different challenges each day.

Being an Autism Mum is a constant battle to make sure that your child/ren have the best start in life – that leads to the best life possible – and its not easy.

We deal with IGNORANCE, JUDGEMENT, MELDOWNS, PHYSICAL & MENTAL ATTACKS, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, CONSTANT WORRY, CONSTANT FIGHTS for the best Support & Education…. Its a never ending list that all forms part of being an Autism Mum.

Autism Mums face a future of uncertainty,

They are their childs voice when they can’t speak for themselves or are unable to communicate –

They are their childs comfort even if that doesn’t include a cuddle.

They are their childs closest companion, their best friends, their safe place.

Autism Mums are brave, strong, amazing, wonderful women, who despite having everything thrown at them, good and bad, remain the most fantastic people I’ve ever come in to contact with.

And I can’t forget Autism Dads, this goes for you too – only its Mothers Day so I’m sure you’ll understand why my sentiments are primarily aimed at Mums 🙂

So Happy Mothers Day to the most wonderful Mums/Mummys/Moms/Mummas/Mothers & Boobys (What A calls me)

Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Please share your comments on being an Autism Mum or just a message to other Autism Mums if you like 🙂

L x


2 Responses to "Mothers Day"

What a lovely post to wake up to. It’s tough, it’s rewarding and it’s emotional. Happy Mothers Day to you too, I hope you have a bit of R&R. I have a poorly Izzy but she is in good spirits today x Freyja x

Your words brought a tear to my eyes. It is wonderful to know that we are all connected in understanding. My heart is with you today, and wish you a blissful respite to recharge! Love and Light.xxJas.

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