Lighter Nights

Posted on: March 17, 2012

Its approaching that time of year again, when the clocks go forward. Ever since A was 9 months old I’ve dreaded this time of year – will he go to sleep at his usual time? Will it ruin his routine?

I’m dreading it even more this year – A is becoming more forceful when he doesn’t want to do something – I’m so lucky he’s always been a good-ish sleeper that its always a thought in my mind that it won’t last forever.

The time change and obviously the lighter nights can be very confusing for children – especially those with Autism & it can be also hard to continue with a routine, as they don’t/can’t understand why they are going to bed when its still light at night.
Sleep is an issue already for most with ASD so this doesn’t help.

I’ve been considering getting a black out blind but I’m wondering how effective they are and how long it would last, A always climbs onto his windowsill so it would be broke or ripped within a week of being up.

Do any of you have these issues when the clock changes? Have any of you had ASD children who are relatively good sleepers then it all changes because of the clocks going forward or any other reason? Please comment below 🙂

L x

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6 Responses to "Lighter Nights"

Whether or not you use melatonin supplements, our bodies rely on it to sleep. It is primarily released as a reaction to dark. ASD kids often seem to resist the natural release of melatonin, so it’s almost like they subconsciously seek an excuse for it. Lewis always wanted nightlights, the curtains open etc etc. I know other parents of ASD kids who have Christmas lights in their rooms because they demanded them to help them sleep.

Maybe I am talking rubbish, but this is my understanding. A blackout blind is a good idea. Don’t make a fuss about it, just be clear that bedtime is dark time.

Maybe try some black out fabric on back of curtains xx your doing so well, always enjoy your blog xxx

I know it may sound slightly ghettoish but we cut a big piece of cardboard to fit Ethans window, put one nail at the top of his window and put a whole in the cardboard to hang/sit on the nail. It goes up at nap and bed time. We did have to replace it recently because he’s been finding ways to get at it, but thankfully it’s a pretty cheap thing to replace. I did cover the newer one with wrapping paper so it doesn’t look quite so bad. Keeps him room pretty dark 🙂

Oh my! Yes! I always dreaded the time changes especially in the spring. Routine and constant consistency is SO important when it come to my child. Their anxiety goes through the roof. Spring is already a stressing time for my child because of the storm season so the time change seems to escalate things for us. The good news is that the extremes in behavior usually subsides in two weeks and it is also very beneficial that spring break from school happens at the same time as the time change. That way we are able to work through it together. As for advice… As every child is unique what may work for one may not for the other but.. In my personal experience, blinds are not a possibility because of safety concerns and the don’t last. We found that a good heavy fabric that my child picks out works wonderful to help block the evening light from the longer days. I double it up so it blocks out the light and I use cheap curtain rods which are easily replaced if needed. My child has come to look forward to the new “picture” in their room. And since my child picks the fabric it gives them that since of control that they are lacking in this changing time. I hope this helps and I look forward to reading more from you soon.

I worry about this too and do worry in case it changes his routine, however Cody is a bad sleeper and some mornings hes awake from 1am. Hes starting on melatonin tomorrow to see if that makes a difference. Why not try blackout material on curtains see if that helps am considering that myself to see if that helps x

Hi, I have black out film that sticks to the windows so its better than a blind as they let the light in still at the edges! I got it from Jojo Maman Bebe although they were not cheap it has been worth while as my son just won’t sleep unless its blacked out completely. I have seen a fabric you can get from mothercare and toys r us if you wanted something less permanent. Good luck. p.s Found your blog really interesting, my sister is autistic. x

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