Poorly A

Posted on: March 14, 2012

My A is poorly. A cold/sore throat/temp. I hate it when he’s unwell, he can’t tell me where it hurts, he can’t say how he’s feeling or if he wants a drink/food. He is so quiet, restless and sad when he’s ill – I feel so helpless.

Its so hard to get him to take any medicine also, he clamps his mouth shut so I can’t get into it – it used to be a lot easier but even then I had to hold him down to get it into his mouth. Usually now he spits it out or it makes him gag so he’s sick. Tried putting it in a drink but I think he’s sussed that to lol!

He won’t let me comfort him which really upsets me – all we want to do when our children are poorly, upset or in pain is hold our children tight – comfort them. Its tough not being able to do that – as he just pushes me away – his 1 – 1 at nursery mentioned the same thing and said she was upset that she was unable to reassure/comfort him also.

I often wonder if A has a high pain threshold, he never complains of being in pain, or seems to be in pain when he’s poorly. He’s restless yes, but being ill can make you very tired.
When he falls over he just gets back up.
Luckily he’s never had a bad accident or fall – and the worse he’s had he did cry but to be honest I think that was through shock of the fall as I could touch where he had hurt himself and he didn’t do anything.

This is worrying in case he ever was badly hurt or in pain and I didn’t know.

Autistic children are over sensitive or under sensitive to pain.

If any of you have any experiences on this topic please comment.

L x


8 Responses to "Poorly A"

Ahh, hope your son is feling better soon. Like you say, as a mother all you want to do is comfort them and make them better, so it is even harder when they don’t accept this affection. My own son just seems to get on,and very rarely complains of feeling poorly. Last year whilst at school he broke a finger during a game of football, but no one noticed anything , nor did James say anything. It wasn’t till the next morning when i noticed it all swollen , he remembered what had happened and i took him to A & E. Another incident was when he went on the motor bike with his Dad and ‘burnt’ his leg on the exhaust, he said nothing , i happened to notice a mark on him later that day. So i believe my son has a high pain threshold which is a worry in itself . Hoping he comes back incident free from this weeks outdoor activity holiday with the school !!

Theo, my autistic 5yr old, has a high pain threshold too, he really only notices if he’s hurt himself if he can see it, but even then he won’t have a plaster or let me look at it, he makes more fuss getting his hair cut lol
I know when he’s really ill because he’s not bouncing off the walls like normal, he’ll only have medicine if he’s really poorly, and usually only when I bribe him 🙂
but he does always love a cuddle and kiss, for this I am sooo grateful because I know for a lot of children on the autism spectrum this is not the case.

Get well soon little man.
I’ve just come through a seven day sickness with my own son, I hate seeing him so down.
I would like to add in regards to the pain thing, my son never cried or moaned about pain or sickness till he got to nursery. Then he’d point out bruises days old and try to cry. It’s strange what they learn, even now I think his crying is just behaviour he’s mimicked from other kids.

My J took off his shoes at school because the teacher allowed him to do so. Back in October 2011, the school had a fire drill and J left without shoes. Apparently, this long shoeless walk got him a plantar wart. We fought with this little wart for so long, because he refused meds or touch, same as you mentioned in your blog. We felt terrible over the whole issue. However, on a good note, last Sunday the wart was finally gone. 🙂

Have you ever tried putting calpol in a fromage frais? It mixes well and generally they can’t tell, or not enough to mind.

I have a friend who’s son is hypo sensitive to pain and other stimuli, and has no fear but luckily he is verbal so she knows he is aware of her fears for him. A will probably learn from you in time how to let you know he is hurt or in pain, but he is still very young. It is so hard. Wish I could help more.

Our son fell at nursey and put his teeth through his upper lip. He went to A&E and ended up having surgery the next day to sew the skin flap back together. He didn’t express any pain, he even ate pizza while his lip was all cut open, he also has no fear and is very impulsive so we can’t leave him for a moment. A lot of what I’ve read talks about hyper sensitivity but I have found little about hypo sensitive children – our son is hyposensitive in all of his senses…

My daughter is just the same, never in pain – well says she has pain. She wont let us comfort her either which really hurts as a parent. I hope your son is better soon xx

Hope A gets well soon.

R is currently sick with a chest infection and bad cough. We give him all his meds via a syringe into the mouth as it is harder to spit out than if we were giving my spoon. Over time he has become use to this method and we have no issues at all now.

Generally, you will know when your child is sick or unwell, they won’t be themselves, bouncing off the walls or shouting and screaming.

As other parents have said, R only seems to get upset if he can see where he has hurt himself. For example if he was to have the slightest scratch or even a hint of blood, he would be inconsolable and screaming. Just before Xmas he fell and broke both bones in his forearm. This required an operation with plates and screws to fix. He did very little complaining and when he did, it was just around how uncomfortable the cast was. When it was removed and he saw the 4 inch scar where the incision was made, he went ballistic and demanded that his arm be covered with a bandage. Thankfully, he is now use to his scar but from time to time he will ask when it will go away.

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