Posted on: March 13, 2012

As you all know from a previous blog ‘why does nobody care’ A has been discharged from Speech and Language Therapy, despite never receiving any therapy whatsoever.

I still haven’t had any answers – other than he’s made ‘excellent progress’ – Yeah, course he has, not disputing that at all – he’s making more noises, vocalising a lot more & will repeat words on request (if he’s in the right mood) as far as his spontaneous vocabulary goes, your looking at 3 words……..
– compared to a ‘typical’ 3 year old – well do I even have to highlight that comparison?!

We are making progress though – I speak to a wonderful lady through twitter & she is a speech therapist & just so happens to live down the road from me – she very generously offered to come & visit me & A & see what she could do to help.

To cut a long story short – I made lots of symbols a while ago with the intention of beginning PECS and visual timetables – so the lady who came to see us has shown me how to teach A to request using PECS – she says that on average a 3 year old child asks for something 40 times a day!

So at the moment I’m getting A to ask for ‘Snack’ from using the symbol, he hands it to me, I give him the snack. – sounds easy, suppose it is for some children, some pick it up quicker than others but A demonstrated he definitely has the ability to use PECS.

Here’s a link with an explanation of the PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)

I also went more in depth about Communication and Autism here…

I had thought of using sign language or makaton but A lacks concentration and doesn’t hold eye contact for long enough for me to show him how to sign for a certain thing – he’s a very visual learner and needs a lot of prompts to remember and be able to do what’s expected of him.

For once I’m feeling really confident about A’s speech – recently he’s copying so many words on request which is progress. He also went to bed last night saying; “No, Daddy” not a clue why but was lovely to hear his sweet little voice 🙂

Please tell me your experiences of using PECS or any other communication system that may help others.

L x


4 Responses to "Progress"

I taught our son sign language. He actually started putting together sentences around 3. By four he was saying one word at a time than at 5 he talked in sentences. He doesn’t remember any sign now but I think it really helped him.

This is great news for your boy and how lovely of the woman you met on Twitter to be willing to put her free time into this. There are indeed a lot of lovely people out there – let’s not forget that! 😉

But amazingly, I feel like you are describing my little Viktor (2,5y). He has very limited spontaneous vocabulary but has just started repeating words after us on request (when in the right mood). Additionally, we just bought a A5 map the other day and I am working on creating a PECS book out of it! Maybe we should collaborate on our work through advice, success stories and encouragement when needed!? 😉

Celebrating your small victory with you from afar 😉
Best, Ragga

That’s so lovely he is making more sounds, and I’m so glad you are finding that he is responding so well to PECS, my daughter uses PECS and it has helped her hugely, she brings me a symbol for what she wants, and we will be moving to the next stage of sentence building soon where she uses has to use the “I Want” symbol. I’m so delighted for you and A that you have found a speech therapist nearby too, that’s fantastic news for you both 🙂 xx

Happy to hear that A is making more sounds and repeating words! When little bit was about 2, her ST suggested PECS and we used them. I laminated them with clear contact paper and put magnets ( get at any craft store) on the back. I put them on the fridge where she could reach them. She responded very well to using the PECS and in addition we started with some basic sign language. Eye contact was poor, as was attention and focus but I found a series on DVD (and TV) that REALLY helped her. The “Signing Time” series teaches young children signing using music and child themed videos. Very entertaining and eye catching. The first word she actually signed was CAR and she learned it while watching these videos. Our behavior therapist frowned on the signing because he was determined she would speak. (And she did)
I highly recommend these videos as a tool if you would like to teach some basic signs.

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