Posted on: March 9, 2012

As most of you will know – I am a twitter user – and I love it! Its helped me to gain so many friends, people who understand my position as an Autism Parent, and those who are helping me to raise awareness for Autism – all really great people.

But there’s also the dark side of twitter.

I try and promote my blog as much as I can – I see it as the more people that read, the more chance I have of bringing awareness to someone or maybe helping someone in the same situation to not feel as though they are alone.

I did a search the other day ‘Autism’ to find new people to follow and ask if they’d like to view my blog & to my absolute disgust I was met with vile jokes, some of which where sexual in the most disgusting way towards those with Autism – I pity those small minded individuals who obviously don’t even know what Autism is and have no clue what its like to live with Autism…

Shocked by what I’ve just said?

A few months ago I befriended a young man with Autism on twitter and he would regularly message me. He said it made him feel less alone that he had a friend that understood him – I was really pleased & thankful that I’d got to ‘meet’ him as it gave me an insight into what Autism in adults is like.
As time went on conversations got odd, I was being asked inappropriate questions and felt that something wasn’t right. This continued into horrible remarks about my son, as well as name calling and horrible links to disgusting websites – he later admitted he had been ‘taking me for a ride’

This wasn’t the first time I’d been in that situation, from my personal twitter account (I have two) my son has been called lots of names that at first where extremely hurtful, but now I just pity their ignorance and don’t give them the satisfaction of a reply.

I had some tweets today – which I ignored.

The reason I’ve highlighted this is because it makes me even more determined to raise awareness for Autism & to educate people on what its like living with Autism and how it affects your daily life – but also how amazingly blessed all Autism parents are to have these unique, wonderful people in our lives.

Continue to help me make a difference & raise Autism Awareness – and let’s cancel out these sorry excuses for human beings who don’t have the slightest clue about our lives!

L x


10 Responses to "Ignorance"

That’s very sad to hear, and disturbing. It’s an unfortunate thing when dealing with the ‘net’, you are putting comment out for all to see, and that does include the loonies. I think in the end that the friends you make via twitter and your blog will outweigh the downside of the crackers out there. Good luck.

Once again what you’ve wrote dedcribes how my wife and I feel! We’ve never directly had the abuse but I certainly expect it to come at some point with his condition all be it not Autism as of yet.

Its unfair that these mindless few will manage to put people off their awareness work and they obviously have no complications in their lives,
these are the people that I hope never have to encounter such difficulties as they just wouldn’t cope.

Keep up the good work 🙂

I know how you feel L. I wrote a similar blog called “Down Syndrome is not a punchline”. I felt like searching all those ignoramuses and link them to it, but what is the point? It is fuel for their fire and they will never change. I try to ignore the negative, which is hard, and surround myself with positive people. Your blog is important to so many people that the few idiots mean nothing.

There are few things that set my fuse to air burst and people like that guy are top of my hit list- you ate doing a marvellous thing and I applaud your resilience and dedication. Drop any name into a DM and I will gladly ‘Research it’ as it will make a change from tracking the paedo element and dealing with them – Do Not give up

Hmm, yes. One only needs to follow the #aspie stream to see some seriously ignorant and vicious remarks. It is remoralising; but at the same time, we have a voice like never before, and can challenge these views (either directly, if feeling brave, or indirectly). Either way, the message will get out, and Twitter is a grand way of getting it there. I applaud your determination and resilience.

That’s sad, sorry to hear that has happened. Keep blogging though…

Wow, I am really surprised by the “dark side” of twitter you have experienced. I am glad it hasn’t put you off your stride, there are really good people out there too who are ready to help you promote your blog!I don’t know a lot about autism except for what I read here and that we do have a higher than average number of families to stay at the farm with an autistic child. I think the freedom of the farm makes it a practical holiday choice for them. Do keep up your good work!

So ridiculous. I don’t know why it makes people feel good to put other people down, especially ones who often can’t defend themselves. Sadly not much we can do except continue to raise awareness

I am a bit shocked but also relieved that I haven’t seen this side on twitter or my blog yet. Maybe because my following is still quite small. I guess the more you do and the more you put yourself out to raise awareness, the more likely it becomes, which is very sad. Well done you for rising above it; always remember you are doing a great job and there are more of us than the ignorant ones x

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