A is for Autism…

Posted on: February 26, 2012

For todays blog post, i wanted to share with you a small video that was presented to me at my first session of the Early Birds course – Run by the National Autistic Society to help those who had a recently diagnosed pre-school child.

Its informative and for me, was very emotional to watch.

Made using real life drawings from people with Autism, and using narration from those that are able to express their memories and feelings, this short film was produced as part of Channel 4’s Autism Awareness campaign back in 1992 – so it is an old bit of footage but definitely worth the watch if you are touched by Autism or would like to gain more understanding.

It is 11 minutes long but i ask kindly that you do take the time to watch it & continue in helping to raise Awareness of Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Thank you.

As always please comment – if you want to.

L x


1 Response to "A is for Autism…"

What a wonderful video! It puts so much in perspective when you hear the adults reminising about their childhood with Autism. Knowing, even after the fact, what was going on inside their heads as children. This video made me cry because I will never get that insight from K. I will never know what goes on in his head. Other parents tell me what I tell other parents: “You don’t know what the future holds”. But he’s 17 now! This is his future. This may sound horrible but sometimes I wish K “only” had Autism or “only” had Down Syndrome. Why both?

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