Its’a Mario!

Posted on: February 6, 2012

As promised in blog post number one a whole post dedicated to Mario or as A, would say “Marmo” Yes, the italian plumber and I have developed a love-hate kind of relationship.

Before A had his ‘obsession’ with Mario, I was metaphorically ripping my hair out, close to tears most days. A, had no interests whatsoever, as with many who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) he lacks imaginative play, so toys just gathered dust or got chewed, he would flit around the living room, lost & would’ve climbed the walls if possible. He would get frustrated, angry, upset. He also stimmed an awful lot.

It was so hard to occupy him, to get him to sit for longer than 20 seconds, in a nutshell it was hell.

Then along came the Nintendo DS….me & his Dad put the cheats onto Mario so he could play on it easily without getting distressed, with the popularity of the DS I soon noticed a massive change in A’s behaviour, he was a lot calmer, less stimming, less climbing, less moaning!
We could all of a sudden do things with A we had struggled to do for months such as change his nappy or dress him, he would scream blue murder but having the DS to distract him was like magic, we could even go to the shops (for a little while)

The enjoyment of playing on the DS has now escalated, he watches youtube videos on the laptop practically all day of Super Mario walkthroughs, we also have a wii and me & his Dad take turns playing on it so A can watch, he gets so excited, tells us which way to go LOL, it makes him so happy. It really helps to keep him calm, and i feel the predictablilty of the routine has helped him immensely.

Must admit it is pretty much a major obsession now, “Marmo” is the only word he can say, pretty much the only person he listens to & copies & also the only thing he ever wants to do.

I’m quite sick of seeing Mario now, for obvious reasons. So that’s where our love-hate relationship comes about. I hate him because I’m sick of the sight of him but I love him because he’s become my little boys best friend.

For more advice on Obsessions, Routines and repetitive behaviours, this is a great source of information

L x


2 Responses to "Its’a Mario!"

Can relate to this blog . my 3 nephews are autistic and they all love their computers from Mario to laptops. the house is silent when they are on their games. they are all extremely intelligent lil boys and i am proud of them all x u sound like u r doing a fab job and A is lucky to have u xx

Another brilliantly written piece of work – makes me feel as if I am there (no idea how to play Mario so ‘A’ will beat me) – thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort to educate me.

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