“But he is only shy”

Posted on: February 6, 2012

A’s Dad really struggled with the fact that his son may have had Autism. I remember breaking the news to him that A had been put on the ‘Pathway’ this is the assessment process in our area. He said “But A is only shy”, “Once he starts speaking there will be nothing wrong with him.”

I’d hidden the fact I’d suspected A had Autism for quite a few months, A’s Dad is a worrier and although I was pretty sure my instinct was right I didn’t want to say anything to anyone and cause any unnecessary worry and selfishly I didn’t want the extra strain on my thoughts.

I was relieved to say the least when some one finally agreed with me, although upset aswell. It took a while to explain ‘Autism’ and what it meant for our son to his Dad, it was a hard, emotional, distressing time. We had to wait 12 weeks for the assessment to be complete, no where near the length of time some families have had to wait, but no less draining.

After we received the diagnosis I burst into tears, I was so relieved, but it felt like someone had smacked me right in the face.

A’s Dad is much more accepting of his Autism now & wants to learn more, he’s very supportive, although I don’t always give him credit. He works most days and I’m home alone with A so its hard work for both of us but the progress and development we are seeing in A is so worthwhile….even if the journey has only just began…..


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Very similar story in our house. The relief to read you’re not alone x

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