Do i talk too much?

Posted on: February 5, 2012

Must Admit, A (3 years old) is extremely well behaved, which goes against the stereo-typical Autistic child, but as some of you may think you know they are naughty, infact they arent naughty at all.

Tantrums, outbursts, physical attacks, can all be ways of expressing their frustration, non-verbal or otherwise its sometimes the only way they feel they can let someone know how they are feeling. Sometimes its down to sensory needs, this can be a crowded room, a certain tone of voice, the lighting, a picture hung on the wall, these can all be over-stimulating for an Autistic child.

Which brings me onto my point. A, can get a little over excited at times, he is very active which can be very tiring, if he isnt occupied or distracted by Mario (thats another blog idea!!) he can be hard work, we have had to incorporate quiet-time into his day just to get a break!

Usually when he is bored he will climb all over me, the furniture, the tv stand, the windowsill etc he will get naked within seconds, he will grab me, and he plays very roughly, and although i understand its just his way of expressing himself there are times i have to tell him off – or should i say try to – he now covers my mouth and smiles (in the cutest way – not good) he thinks its all a game, until i really raise my voice and then tears ensue, tears = guilty mummy! Its so hard to punish him, i cant tell him i will take something away from him as he doesnt understand, i cant put him in time-out as i cant think of anywhere safe enough….

Anyway heres a link from the internet i found about behaviour and autism…..

Hope it helps someone 🙂


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