A poop on the potty!

Posted on: February 5, 2012

The time has finally come to TRY & potty train my little A.

I think the decision came as in September he goes to school, so when we present him to school i want to be able to say, “We tried”. Its not going to be easy we have tried and failed before. Trouble first time around was that A wasnt ready, he had no awareness and due to him being non-verbal it was anyones guess as to if he could even feel anything.

So, the time has come we are going to start on Wednesday! A, has been showing some awareness recently, namely taking his nappy off whether its a number 1 or a 2, anywhere in the house he desires – it can get messy!

Ive done my research this time, i looked on the National Autistic Society Webpage <<<< There is the link! I also went onto my twitter @AutismMums_Dads where there is an overwhelming amount of support for all things Autism, i asked other parents (who else is better to ask?) they helped me loads, gave me tips/advice etc.

Ive bought A, a potty chair, some undies (we will need plenty of these) 5 for £2 at tesco, bargain! I’ve also made him a visual sequence for every step of using the potty. A reward chart, nothing like abit of motivation (bribery) LOL- I know what your thinking i’ve left myself without anything, never fear, ive also made myself a potty recording chart… 🙂

So we are all set,

and just one tip……..Your child will use the potty when they are ready!

Ive attached pictures of the visuals/charts i made. (As you can already see, sorry im new to this blogging & not a clue how to move them :/)

L x x


7 Responses to "A poop on the potty!"

This is excellent and I think it will help an awful lot of parents – I will tweet it as often as I can without being accused of spamming lol

Thank you Gwyn, you know how much I appreciate your support, your a gem. I’ve added share buttons so hope you use those when you can 🙂

This was so hard for E. Looking back on it now we did an awful job. At the time we had no idea what we were doing and he was the youngest of 5 so we were just dumbfounded. I hope this helps a parent out there.

I’m sure you did the best job you could at the time, its not easy. I really hope it can help someone also, tried to put a positive light-hearted spin on things as I know how tough this sort of thing can be. Thank you so much for your comment.

Good luck with the training and the blog !

Wow im impressed with this very much so hun, hope it all goes well and good luck with the potty training xx

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